Treatment Issues are defined as those internal problems which we deem to be central factors in drug and alcohol addictions. We have found that they were the primary causes of our drug and alcohol relapses, the cycle of criminal behavior and incarceration that many of us have experienced, and the destruction of the quality of lives. We have discovered that no matter how hard we tried to build good lives for ourselves without working on these underlying treatment issues, our lives inevitably fell apart. We believe that these treatment issues are based in our emotional reactions to the real world. As we work together to uncover, explore, and honestly deal with our commonly held treatment issues we find that we move towards our stated goal of treatment ... which is recovery.

Here are some examples of the treatment issues we work on together to over come:

★    Problems with Frustration and Discomfort related to Delays in Gratification  

★    Low Self-Esteem, Low Self Respect and Self Pity    

★    Difficulty in Coping with Feelings

★    Poor Impulse Control and Problems with Authority   

★    Fear, Worry, Insecurity and Anxiety    

★    Unrealistic Views, Ideas and Beliefs

★    Problems Setting Boundaries and Priorities   

★    Complacency, Boredom, Isolation and Loneliness

★    Problems with Honor, Pride, Integrity and Feeling Accepted 

★    Shortcuts, Half-measures, Procrastination and Time Management