Contact Us

Information or Questions  If you have any questions or are wanting more information feel free to call any of the numbers listed below and we will be happy to help. If you get an answering machine be sure to leave a message and someone will contact you back as soon as possible. We also have pamphlets and other reading material available to give you more context into what we do here and how we would like to help.  
Each location has a staff member on site at all times. 

1024 N St, 944 N St, 1303 11th St,
1219 10th St, 905 L St, 1116 9th St,
& 1120 9th St
Eureka, CA. 95501

Sending Letters or Assessments:
P.O. Box 6310
Eureka, CA. 95502

Phone Numbers:
Executive Director: 707.443.4237
Lead Counselor: 707.444.6262
Women's Office: 707.443.0514
Men's Office: 707.269.9566
Fax Number: 707.442.1191

E-Mail Address: