Our Philosophy
I am here because there is no place left to hide from myself.
I have come to understand that until I confront myself in the eyes and hearts of others, I am only running. I am beginning to know hat my secrets have kept me addicted, imprisoned, enslaved, and that until I am willing to risk sharing these secrets openly and with courage, I will be ruled by them and at their mercy. I have been afraid to be known, and therefore know neither myself nor others. I have been isolated, cut off from everyone and myself, alone in a hostile world. Where else, but here, among those whose lives reflect mine, can I hope to find myself. Within this Community of those who have suffered as I have suffered, I can at least see myself clearly, not as the genius of my dreams nor the fool of my fears, but as a person, a part of the community, with my share in its purpose. In this place and at this time I can at least be the person I truly am, free of fear, true in all things, no longer alone as in death, but alive to myself and others. 

Our Mission Statement
Humboldt Recovery Center, Inc., exists for the good of the people it serves.
 Recognizing the devastating effects of addiction and the need for effective, affordable, and compassionate treatment. Humboldt Recovery Center seeks to provide these services to men and women desperate for recovery. Humboldt Recovery Center will change as addictions change. Humboldt Recovery Center will strive to be on the vanguard of treatment programs, ever gaining knowledge; always seeking to improve our services; committed to being the best that we can be; prepared to make whatever sacrifices we must make to keep our doors and our hearts open. With abiding belief we are confident that we will endure as long as we strive to do what is best for our participants, our staff and our community. In doing so we will endeavor to become worth of the trust and hope that is placed in us by those we regard as family.