Our Community

Humboldt Recovery Center is a specialized, phased, intensive therapeutic community made up of its residents, graduates, staff, and directors. We are committed to our program’s concept of self-help and  mutual self-help, and believe that by working together on our treatment issues we can effectively work towards our treatment goal of successful recovery. The men and women who make up our community come from all backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints. Despite this diversity, we are united in our mutual efforts at both community and individual improvement.

Our Board of Directors

    Humboldt Recovery Center is a not-for-profit corporation governed by an informed and active Board of Directors comprised of local citizens who share a sincere interest and knowledge of recovery and rehabilitation. All aspects of the corporation are overseen by the Board of Directors, which meets every month.

Our Counseling Staff

    Our Director Arlette Large and Senior Substance Abuse Counselor John Remen have over seventeen years of experience in dealing with men and women in therapeutic communities. Our entire counseling staff has been certified by the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) and the California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources (CAARR).

Our Support Staff 

    Our support personnel play an important role in the day to day operations of our therapeutic community. Each member of our support staff is committed to treatment and recovery. All of our staff are ready to assist “any resident at any time with any problem.”  

Our Residents

    Our residents come to us from all walks of life. We are a highly diverse group of people, united in our efforts to help one another overcome our common problems. We do not discriminate at all. We are open to anyone who sincerely seeks help. We have found that the program’s system of rewarding personal accomplishments and challenging us to reach beyond our pasts can raise our self esteem and increase our positive motivation. For most, the experiences offered at Humboldt Recovery Center are uplifting and rewarding.

Our Residences

    We are licensed by the State of California’s Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs for a total of 44 men and 18 women. All of our houses are kept neat and clean, well-furnished, well-landscaped, and  attractive. Each house is located in a decent and safe neighborhood. The Meeting House and the Women’s House are both beautiful, classic Victorians. Most of our bedrooms are set up for 2 people, although there are some private rooms. Each house has its own kitchen for resident use. Although we frequently meet together, our living quarters are not co-ed. Our men have their own houses; our women theirs.