Our Community

 Our Residents and Our Board of Directors: Residents come to us from all walks of life. We are a highly diverse group of people, united in our efforts to help one another overcome our common problems. We do not discriminate at all. We are open to anyone who sincerely seeks help. We have found that the program's system of rewarding personal accomplishments and challenging us to reach beyond our pasts can raise our self esteem and increase our positive motivation. For most, the experiences offered at Humboldt Recovery Center are uplifting and rewarding. Humboldt Recovery Center is a not-for-profit corporation governed by an informed and active Board of Directors comprised of local citizens who share a sincere interest and knowledge of recovery and rehabilitation. All aspects of the corporation are overseen by the Board of Directors, which meet every month.
Meals: Numerous scientific stufies have shown a specific link between nutrition and physical fitness, and their effects on the development and progression of addiction and relapse. Correction in nutrition and physical fitness frewuently results in noticeable improvements in "mood swings," anger, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and other serious emotional problems. Residents receive education on these subjects and are instructed in ways of improving their overall physical health and wellbeing. Our meals are good! We do not serve institutional food! Our meals are prepared on sight in our kitchens. Participants assist in the cooking and the clean up as part of their habilitation. We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and have snacks available. We have frequent barbeques, picnics, holiday dinners, and other special events. Upon completion of the program, aftercare participants will receive a congratulatory pizza party!                                                                  
Physical Fitness and Recreation: Humboldt Recovery Center has a Fittness Romm for residents who are interested in improving their strength and conditioning. We habe a variety of exercise equipment, including free weights and benches, weight machines, and cardiovascular equipment. Many of our residents have been able to get into excellent shape while with us.  We are located near two City Park. Basketball and softball games are within easy reach. Residents can hike, walk, jog, run, skate, or bicycle. We have frewuent recreational outings and campouts. We take day trips whenever the weather allows to beaches, rivers, and parks. We are commited to physical conditioning and health. Physical conditioning and re-conditioning are not a secondary issue with us. Healthy recreation is vital to a successful recovery. We view physical fitness and recreation as serious components of our program. We strive for a "sound mind in a sound body." We offer men's and women's weekly yoga group.

 Children and Family: We understand how vital children and family are to our participants; therefore, we offer weekly parenting classes. Although children are not allowed to live at our facilities, they are permitted to visit often, as long as their visits do not conflict with required groups or interfere with a participant's treatment. Participants are allowed to visit with their children under supervision. We want them to have a relationship with their kids,family, and community. We are parents, too. There is a lovely neighborhood park with a children's playground that kids and parents can enjoy, right across the street from the main house. There is a store on the corner for treats and snacks. Families are encouraged to become involved with the program. As long as the family members are clean, sober, and are supportive of our participant's desire to improve, they are welcome.