About Us

Humboldt Recovery Center  is the oldest and largest residential substance use disorder treatment program on the California North Coast. We have an Alumni Association of over 4,500 graduates, including many with decades of recovery. Since our founding in 1972, we have dedicated ourselves to providing effective treatment and recovery services to men and women who wish to develop meaningful, drug-free lifestyles. We are Charter Members of the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals. Our program has been helping people improve the quality of their lives for over 48 years....and we are always getting better! HRC is a specialized therapeutic community. The program is based on evidence-based practices primarily using cognitive behavioral therapies with fidelity. We have developed our program in accordance with the theories, models, and methods advocated by dependency and criminality, and have received substantial assistance in developing our Community from Walden House, Inc., Center Point, West Care, Inc., Day Top Village, The Center for Therapeutic Community Research and Correctional Counseling, Inc.
Our Staff is part of our community. Our Medical Director understands substance use disorders and believes in Medicated Assisted Treatment when appropriate. We have a Licensed Clinical Socaial Worker and an Associate Clinical Social Worker that works independently with our participants when needed. Humboldt Recovery Center's counselors are Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors. Our counselors have gone on to complete college or university level course work and training. All of the staff are dedicated to the concept of self-help and mutual self-help and are ready to assist "any resident at any time with any problem." We work with our local Universtiy and College to help train individuals wanting to work in this profession. Our case managers help our participants while they establish and achieve short-and-long term goals.
Housing We are Licensed and Certified by the Department of Health Care Services. The program has a total of 57 men and women's beds. These beds are located in seven houses, with counselors offices located at each facility. All of our houses are always neat and clean, well furnished, attractive, and located in decent, safe neighborhoods. It is important to us that you feel at home. Most of our bedrooms are set up for two people. There are also some private bedrooms. We do not believe it is appropriate to overcrowd our residents. Each room had ample closet and dresser space for clothes and personal items. There are clean and decent bathrooms, with showers and bathtubs, in each house. There are televisions with cable in all of the living rooms. There are telephones available for resident use. There is space for reading and study. There are books and magazines available. Each house had its kitchen equipped with refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves. Both the men's and women's programs have computers, so our participants can apply for jobs, work on resumes, or apply for school when they are in a high enough phase in the program.
Humboldt Recovery Center is a therapeutic community based on the principles and concepts formulated by many types of evidenced-based practices, as well as from our own experiences and insights gained from over 48 years of helping men and women develop meaningful, drug-free lives. While addressing our participants as individuals, we offer Yoga Classes, Self-Help Groups, and we have an Ingenious Component in our program. Our program is highly structured, as is any good treatment program. However, we believe that the program structure is its framework and not its heart. Our heart is our people, our concern, and our love for one another. We believe in the concept of self-help and mutual self-help. That together we can bring about real and lasting changes in one another. We believe that recovery is the goral of treatment, and that recovery is achievable. By making the personal commitment to be substance-free is just the beginning; that it is the price a person must make to enter our treatment program. We believe that what we are treating is much more than drug addiction. We believe that we can effectively treat the cause of the pain and suffering that underlie our reoccurring problems with family, friends, and community. We can learn to live a meaningful, successful, and enjoyable life. We believe that we can accomplish these goals without resorting to harsh, humiliation encounters by being honest and compassionate. By treating all of the members of our community with dignity and respect, we have seen the program work countless times.