Our Beliefs

We believe that our program’s structure is its framework, but not its heart. 
We believe our heart is our people, our concern, and our love for one another.
We believe in the concept of self-help and mutual self-help.
We believe that together we can bring about true and lasting changes in one another. 
We believe that recovery is the goal of treatment, and that recovery is achievable.
We believe that making the personal commitment to be drug-free is just the beginning; that it is the door through which a substance abusing person must pass in order to move towards a          lasting and rewarding life.
We believe that we are treating more than drug and alcohol addiction. 
We believe that we can effectively treat the causes of the pain and suffering that underlie our recurring problems with family and friends, self destructive behaviors, and our health and well being. 
We believe that by helping one another we can achieve our personal goals. 
We believe in honesty and compassion. 
We believe in treating all of the members of our community with dignity and respect. 
We believe we can assist any sincere person to learn to live a meaningful, successful, and enjoyable life. 
We believe that we can accomplish these goals without resorting to harsh, humiliating encounter groups or attack therapies.
We believe in our program ... because we have seen it work countless times.