Just as nutrition is an important part of the treatment process so are the daily, weekly, and annual activities that make up a good portion of a residents stay here at Humboldt Recovery Center. Physical conditioning and recreation are not secondary issues with us. We believe that healthy recreation is vital to successful recovery. We view physical fitness and recreation as serious components of our program. Our Director has an extensive background in athletics and one of our Board of Director members is a highly regarded Personal Fitness Trainer. 


Physical Fitness and Recreation

    Humboldt Recovery Center has an Exercise Room for residents who are interested in improving their strength and conditioning. We have a complete set of quality dumbbells, Olympic barbells and weights, as well as benches and racks, various exercise machines, and cardiovascular equipment.
    We are located near parks and recreational sites, including Redwood State Park and Redwood National Park. Our senior residents can use their day passes to hike, fish, explore, jog, kayak, and bicycle. We have weekly recreational activities and take day trips whenever the weather allows to beaches, rivers, and parks. Our annual camping trip to Ruth Lake is particularly enjoyed and offers a safe and friendly outdoor experience for the whole family.



    Passes are built into our program and are authorized as a resident moves through the therapeutic process. Counselors approve passes prior to issuing them. Initial passes are short and monitored; later phase passes are frequently used for over night visits with family.